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Information Architecture 101

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Check out this great article by Cameron Chapman on techniques and best practices for Information Architecture. Some of this article gets into the realm of user experience design, but a good comprehensive read nonetheless. Read it now!

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A Prescription for Pain Killers and More UX, Please!

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User Experience Design is everywhere. We tend to associate the discipline with websites and software development, but the more time you spend thinking about the experience a user has while interacting with your device or system, the more you start to realize that UXD is an all-encompassing methodology on designing a great experience no matter…

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5 Principles of User-Centered Interface Design

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Originally published on DesignFestival. Oh Google Maps… where would I be without thee? Probably still driving down a back road half way to New Mexico by now. And all I wanted was to go to the corner store. But this isn’t an article on my lack of navigational skills. It’s about how we all like…

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Story vs Game

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“The pleasure people derive from games is not dependent on their ability to tell stories.” If you are interested in how narrative can fit into games – to enhance the user experience, spin a unique non-linear tale, etc – then an article worth reading is Where Stories End and Games Begin by Greg Costikyan (…

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Interaction design is a termed used to describe the design considerations that surface when mediating the interaction between a human and the digital and networked world. “Interaction design” has evolved out of “user-interface design,” and has come to refer to not only the interface issues, but also the entire management of the complex interactions that…

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