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Information Architecture 101

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Check out this great article by Cameron Chapman on techniques and best practices for Information Architecture. Some of this article gets into the realm of user experience design, but a good comprehensive read nonetheless. Read it now!

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2012 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

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On October 20th and 21st I journeyed down to Seattle for the 2012 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. The conference took place at the beautiful Washington University, and was two days of learning, idea sharing, debate, discussion, networking and socializing. Most of the attendees were from the greater Seattle area, Vancouver and Victoria. A few came…

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A Prescription for Pain Killers and More UX, Please!

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User Experience Design is everywhere. We tend to associate the discipline with websites and software development, but the more time you spend thinking about the experience a user has while interacting with your device or system, the more you start to realize that UXD is an all-encompassing methodology on designing a great experience no matter…

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The Natives Are Restless

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Navigating the Mobile App Development Landscape You keep hearing about user trends towards mobile devices; your 10-year old knows your iPad better than you, and so you figure that your business should also get on board and have its own mobile app. Of course, if your company primarily interacts with a niche audience mostly offline,…

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5 Principles of User-Centered Interface Design

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Originally published on DesignFestival. Oh Google Maps… where would I be without thee? Probably still driving down a back road half way to New Mexico by now. And all I wanted was to go to the corner store. But this isn’t an article on my lack of navigational skills. It’s about how we all like…

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10 Essential Apps for Running Your Business

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The title of the article is actually “The 10 Essential Apps You Need to Run a Mobile Freelance Business”, but I think that any business can make use of many of these apps. We already use half of them, and I’m definitely considering getting the others. Link The apps are: Paymo LessAccounting Gist HooteSuite Google…

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