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Fixed vs Estimated: Understanding the Methodology Triangles

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Ok get your hard-hats on, as I’m going to be using a construction analogy. I was talking with my friend Sean the other day about Agile (Scrum) vs Waterfall, and we began using the analogy of building a house to compare the two methodologies. At first I didn’t think the analogy was going to get…

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The Natives Are Restless

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Navigating the Mobile App Development Landscape You keep hearing about user trends towards mobile devices; your 10-year old knows your iPad better than you, and so you figure that your business should also get on board and have its own mobile app. Of course, if your company primarily interacts with a niche audience mostly offline,…

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5 Principles of User-Centered Interface Design

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Originally published on DesignFestival. Oh Google Maps… where would I be without thee? Probably still driving down a back road half way to New Mexico by now. And all I wanted was to go to the corner store. But this isn’t an article on my lack of navigational skills. It’s about how we all like…

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So you wanna be a User Experience Designer?

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I was fortunate to be able to see Whitney Hess give a talk recently at the Interlink conference in North Vancouver. Her presentation was all about UX design, and afterwards I made sure to check out her blog: Pleasure & Pain. Whitney has two introductory articles on becoming a user-experience designer which I found to…

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User Experience as Corporate Imperative

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In my experience I have often come across clients, or potential clients, who may question why they need to invest company dollars into a professionally designed and developed website (or application). After all, it is possible for a student to teach themselves the basics, download a few programs from the internet, and charge a client…

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Best Practices for Adding UX to Agile Development

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An interesting article on applying Agile methodologies to user experience design. Excerpt from the article… 12 common practices of agile UXD: Drive: UX practitioners are part of the customer or product owner team Research, model, and design up front – but only just enough Chunk your design work Use parallel track development to work ahead,…

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