The Linux Foundation


Linux Foundation was looking for assistance in the redesign and development of on the Drupal CMS platform, and further promote the Linux Foundation’s values by creating an innovative and refreshed web and mobile presence.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Increase the site’s influence and utility within the Linux community to boost overall brand awareness of the Linux Foundation and their members.
  • Drive membership, event attendance and training enrollment for the Linux Foundation, measured through referrals.
  • Refresh the design, and update to support the cutting edge of web technology with social tools.
  • Elegant social integration to allow easy sharing of content and promote the larger Linux Foundation community.
  • Improve the infrastructure for managing and updating content with a sophisticated CMS that can handle multimedia as well as textbased
    content and makes aggregation and curation both strategic and easy to manage.
  • Build community by creating a central hub for Linux discussions in comments, forums and social channels.
  • Better integration with Linux training and events sites.
  • A mobile site that’s easy to read, retains integrity of graphics and video, is easy to navigate and eases the process of registering for an event or training when traveling from
  • Increase the quality and quantity of participation on the site and referrals to and from social channels.
  • Fewer, higher quality and more intuitive categories with ability to adjust for trending topics and special features.
  • Uses social functionality and features that engage and keep people onsite, such as “Most Read”, “Most Commented” lists.
  • Prioritized directories and forums.
  • Easy to use information architecture, including savvy use of content tags and a flexible CMS that allows administrators to adjust to use patterns.
  • Utilize SEO best practices, including Author Rank.
  • Addition or integration of branded channels to support contributed and sponsored content.
  • Employ responsive design to accommodate various devices and community features.
  • Measurable referrals to other Linux Foundation sites and members, and to and from social channels.
  • Easy RSS subscription for content syndication, including multimedia components.
  • YouTube integration and tools for easily adding video to articles.
  • Live blogging functionality for event coverage, i.e. versioning and revision display.

What We Did

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Documentation
Project Details

Requirements gathering and documentation for the redesign of and migration to from Joomla! to Drupal.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Documentation